Labour & Birth Support

Congrats on your new journey to parenthood!
Here's how a birth doula can support you during the most pivotal moment in any parents life. 

The birth of your baby!


Ever doubted yourself & your ability to advocate for yourself and your baby? I'm here to inform, encourage & help you find that inner voice so that you feel confident and aware of all your options. Your body, your choice!

Birth Plan

Maybe you want a non-medicated birth, or medicine to cope with the pain. How about dim lights? A home birth or hospital birth? However you envisioned your birth, let's create your unique birth plan and aim to bring it to life.

Comfort Measures

Pain can be a scary thing! It's totally okay to fear labour and birth pains. We will work together to ensure you feel prepared for what your body will go through and find ways to make your labour a little less scary.

Validating Feelings

So maybe you aren't all that excited to be pregnant, that's okay! Your feelings are common and valid.

Holding Space

Sometimes we just need someone by our side.


Do you have older children who need support while you're in labour?

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.

Jane  Weidman